Communicating effectively about technology means using many different approaches. Speaking and writing are both useful, but on the Web, nothing connects quite like video. David's videos—presentations, studio recordings, and interviews—reach a global audience on-demand.


Modern Applications, A Perspective, Keynote at Microsoft TechDays, The Hague, March 2013
Platforms in the Cloud: Where Will Your Next Application Run?, Keynote at Jazoon conference, Zurich, June 2011
IT Innovation: What It Is and How to Get More of It, Microsoft TechEd, New Orleans, June 2010 (Slides and audio only)


Studio Recordings

Application Lifecycle Management

What is ALM?
ALM and Business Strategy
ALM and Business Processes
Tools for Team Development: Why Vendors Are Finally Getting It Right

How SaaS Changes an ISV’s Business

Assessing the Shift
A Simple Decision Tree
Customers, Pricing, and Revenue
The Sales Process
The Impact of Average Selling Price
Marketing, Software Development, and More

Visual Studio 2010

The Big Picture
Team Foundation Server 2010
Requirements and Architecture
Development Fundamentals
Managing and Tracking a Project
Adopting Visual Studio 2010



Windows Azure and Cloud Platforms, a conversation with David Gristwood, London, November 2012
Effective IT Innovation, a conversation with Bob Familiar, New Orleans, June 2010
The Work I Do, A conversation with students, Berlin, November 2009 Part 1
The Work I Do, A conversation with students, Berlin, November 2009 Part 2